© dré wapenaar

• For the city of WIJHE,
East of the Netherlands.

• Structural Engineer:
Technisch Bureau Cor de Heer

Membrane Engineer :
Tentech, Utrecht

• Membrane-covering:
Buitink Duiven

• Production:
Studio Dré Wapenaar
• Johan Ravensberg
• Dennis van Pinxteren

• Computer-drawings:
Dré Wapenaar.

• Construction took place at
Van Rijsoort Walserij.

• Powdercoating:
Rotterdam-Coatings bv.
( Daan van Harten )


placed: july 21 2011

• Construction has taken place by a team from

• Construction took place in the factory of
"Van Rijsoort Walserij " ( Bendery )
at Klaaswaal, the netherlands.

• The Bridge has been built for bikers and hikers
in the neighbourhood NOORDER KOESLAG,
town of WIJHE,
east of the netherlands,
south of Zwolle.

It functions as a gate in 2 different directions;
• to the new neighbourhood and back.
• as a dwelling place.
• in the first place as a short-cut to both sides of the water.

Studio GloriusVandeVen